Tuesday, September 14, 2010


For the next few minutes you will be influenced by high-intensity videos, a few witty remarks, and an interview with the clothing company "Excellent Glory".

First of all: This post will make as much sense as... well... This (skip to 0:45)

I don't know. Just try and keep up. Water Breaks are recommended. And If you need to pause-WAIT THIS IS NOT A P90X VIDEO! That stuff demoralizes you. Lets just watch a shorter more interesting video?

I wish I would of thought of that. Instead any other attempt in my video to do something remotely close to this would not be as awesome anymore. :(

Did I mention I want to do this one day?

The videos are produced by a guy named Remi Gaillard. You can check out his youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/nqtv

On another subject changer, don't you just hate when people send you one word texts and then get mad at you when you don't respond? "Yeah" "lol" "okay" How am I supposed to respond to such, one words? With smileys!
If I get a "Yeah" you get a :o
If I get an "okay" you get a "x_x , a ._. , or the famous r_r"
And if you send me a "lol" you just get a " v_v "

So now that we covered that stuff, lets get to that awesome interview with Excellent Glory I mentioned earlier!

Andrew: When I first saw your brand, I absolutely loved the name! Is there a story behind how you choose Excellent Glory?
Excellent Glory: Well actually it was an accidental idea, I was thinking about a name for my project and it came to my head "excellent glory". First I thought the meaning of this two words have something in common with victory but than I realized that this two word can have also some religious aspects. So I really liked it

Andrew: -chuckles- yeah, every time I go to your site I always go to excellentglory.com first then see the cross and religion and I'm like oh yeah! excellent DASH glory dot com

Excellent Glory: yes this is funny. But really when I was thinking about the brand name "Excellent Glory" The name didn't appear in my head as it could mean the father hahah

Andrew: When I surf your site, I feel as if its a movement of something. What type of scene does EG try to appeal to and what kind of message do you try to send out to your market?

Excellent Glory: Excellent Glory is aimed at positively crazy people who (just like me) have a laid back attitude to life and the world and most of all to themselves. This is the most important thing to me. My potential client must have fun of wearing EG.

Andrew: What's your personal favorite design currently available from your line?

Excellent Glory: Of course I love all of the designs. As all of these ideas were born in my head. I really really like - are you eg?, out of the system and traps of universe. It's really hard to say because all of them are important to me.

Andrew: Whats your thought process on making a new shirt?
Excellent Glory: Well first I have to tell you that excellent glory is not only me.
I am the idea man but I cooperate with a very talented graphic designer who helps me to illustrate all of my ideas and concepts. Hes a very good friend of mine and we understand each other very good. When I began with the project I was searching for a good graphic designer and it was really hard, not because I couldn't find any talented one, but because our process of thinking were very different. So back to your question: When i have an idea for a new tee, we meet and talk a lot , than he makes some skizzes and we talk again till we find the right way to illustrate.

Andrew: Anything big coming up for EG?
Excellent Glory: We plan to show our t-shirts at the Fashion Week Poland in October, and we want to make and show a new design.

Andrew: Any links we should checkout to stay up with EG?
Excellent Glory: http://excellent-glory.com
And Our Twitter http://twitter.com/excellentglory

Andrew: Anything you feel needs to be added to the interview? (maybe a random fact about EG, what your office looks like, etc)

Excellent Glory: Well it's not big hahah one room for tees and one for meetings. We are a small company that has just began. The idea was born a little more than two years ago but the selling we started at the end of January 2010. What's really important for EG that we sew our t-shirt in Poland and they are really china free, made in a human friendly manufacture.

Andrew: Cool yo, We seem to see less and less companies care about quality over profit now. Thanks again for your time mate :D

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