Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay, I don't understand at all when you go over to someones house and the first thing they ask is:
"What's Up?"
"Uhh, I'm not sure man. Just chilling at you're house right now. What about you?" "Same."
What do you really expect as an answer? Should I just respond with "Not Much." Because I mean, I sent my hologram to your house, and that's what's truly staring at you in the face as we speak. Either way, start expecting random remarks from me.

Has anyone heard of the group Super Disco Vitamin Subscribers? WHOA YOU HAVE? Dude you're super hipster. (Oh btw, while you're google searching them I just want to tell you I made up the name) Instead I want to ask if anyone has heard of Vitamin String Quartet? The people that have close to a million tribute songs in violins? It's awesome and their Weezer tribute has given me inspiration to make another skate video :D You'll be seeing it before October ends hopefully. Everything I attempt I'm actually going to do it until I land it... Or until my board breaks. In that case I just stop making the video unless someone lends me their board.

Did I mention I finally got Xbox Live set up? Add our GamerTag: OrganicCashews

To end this post I'm giving a shout-out to DUY's first fan-mail from Alycia and Megan :D Were glad some people actually read this!

Peace In.

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