Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today I want to be a pirate and sit on a cornflakes

Well, I'd want to be a pirate until someone wanted to throw overboard, Or until I got a cut, or I smelled a fellow pirate... Let me rephrase that: I just want a pirate costume and to walk around the mall. Ignore I mentioned cornflakes because that can't be explained.

I was planning on posting some awesome pictures of skating this week, but I didn't really get to do that whole "skating" thing because of my big toe on my right foot is sort-of about 3x bigger than normal. Pro Tip: Don't land Primo if you have a foot underneath your board.

However DUY still has their first interview with the amazing ArmadilloBoy!

Andrew: Introductions are a very hard thing for me... Why don't we play rock paper scissors to get it started?
Andrew: 1 2 3 shoot?
Armadilloboy: rock
Andrew: scissors..
Armadilloboy: yay I win
Andrew: dangit! Okay

Andrew: So the first thing I noticed about your personal website was that its bright, vivid, and full of awesome drawings...
Whats your usual process for creating your vivid characters?

Armadilloboy: my ideas come from everything around me, i get inspired real easy, music, swirls in the ceiling, cracks in the pavement, shapes of the clouds. When I'm stuck for ideas i usually squiggle on a page and look for characters within the lines..... I'm a fairly happy person so i think that helps with how my creations are more often then not....cheerful in expression

Andrew: I'm going to borrow that squiggling on lines idea next time I try to do draw something...

Armadilloboy: Go for it!! I suggest it to anyone who get blocks....even if they look pants you can grow on the ideas that come out....

Andrew: Obviously everyone draws on paper, but for your digital creations(such as on deviantart): What kind of equipment do you use?

Armadilloboy: I like to use illustrator (adobe) I thrive on vector imagery.....i sometimes use photoshop too to add a little texture....

Andrew: Ah! I could never figure out illustrator.. When drawing digitally though do you use a tablet? or is it all done by mouse etc

Armadilloboy: I actually use a laptop, I use the clicker and mouse pad to create my work, which is mostly made up of both shapes and the pen tool....I sometimes use a mouse when working from my PC. I actually prefer using the laptop though.

Andrew: whoa, that sounds really hardcore yo.

Andrew: Links We Need To Check Out?

Armadilloboy: http://www.jestart.co.uk/download.html I've just finished a TMNT paper toy set....plus I have other fun things to download for free too
I too have a shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/armadilloboy

Armadilloboy: I usually update people on twitter with all my stuff...but you can find my work here at flickr and DA....

Andrew: -just grabbed the paper toy set- I'm now on a mission to find a printer so I can make these :D

Armadilloboy: hehe!! yay! have fun! best made with a soft or light card

Andrew: Anything else, your favorite meal, or just whatever you feel like needs to be added?

Armadilloboy: well my favourite food and most inspiration food has to be pizza!!! ham and pineapple to be exact!! lol....I love colours, orange, purple, sapphire blue and magenta, I'm into dinosaurs....it's kool to like dinosaurs! I love t-shirts and trainers! haha....simple is the way forward when it comes to my art, I love graffiti and really appreciate others takes on sticker art.....

Andrew: I think we might be related.

Armadilloboy: word! It's great to know that others share the same interested!! helps me carry on making art...knowing others appreciate what goes into it!

Thanks again to ArmadilloBoy for taking the time to make our banner :D Be sure to check out his personal site here: http://jestart.co.uk

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