Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today feels like monday...

Maybe my calendar is lying to me. I wonder what people did before cellphones or computers though? Did Mill Workers in New England even care if it was Friday the 11th of September and not a Wednesday in July? If they didn't care when did people start paying attention to the date? I hope other people have wondered about that before...

Oh, and just so you all know: while you're reading the rest of this column I'll be listening to some Baskerville's Disco Biscuits CD, debating on whether to buy an Xbox 360 or save for a car, and arguing about getting a haircut because my hair is just so darned long. (and I could possibly be annoying a reader so much right now he starts a dis-like group)

This week (well, last Friday) uhmm, err, this happened?
Apparel Can Only Make You So Great

What can I say besides it seemed like a really good idea at the time. Like my shirt? Don't hate because you're not a HERO yet yo.


Not sure about that O's but yeah next subject!
I would like to give a shout out to a clothing company called Excellent Glory.
I truly believe they live up their name as well. Their packaging is superb and it really impressed me.

An officially tag, stitched tag, plastic cover, a sticker stating the size, and then inside a box with a note?! These people really care about customer satisfaction!
Their headquarters reigns from Poland and as their twitter says they are a "Cosmo-Polish street wear project"

Did I mention that this was the softest tshirt I have ever worn? It felt so cozy :D
Check their site at http://excellent-glory.com
Oh, and if you're wondering about the pineapple: it was awesome.

Before I close do you like the banner? Give thanks to the one and only ArmadilloBoy over at http://jest.art.co.uk (Did I mention we're interviewing him next week?)

Peace In Readers

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