Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wsup Den?

Today I learned a few different things never mind.

I'm referring to printing up your own business cards. I changed a few settings because seriously, who wants it to be printed in normal quality when you can have the "BEST" quality? Oh how you deceived me once again printer. Not only with printing color to my greyscale photo because I did not choose "Black Ink Only" but because the ink is still drying on my cards and I have smeared about 3 of 10 on accident.

About to post this, I looked down saw one the dinosaur silly bandz that I was so sucked into buying. I mean, dinosaurs are awesome am I right? Rawr? roar? no? Don't lie. But aside from that... Am I seeing it correctly? Did dinosaurs have 3 legs? or was that one just pregnant? o_O

And before I close the post for today: Sneak Peaks of my video will be coming on Saturday and the video should be out sometime before the beginning of September (I'll be sure to edit this each day that I'm off and you'll never know :D )

~Dumb Uhh... Youth~

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