Saturday, August 14, 2010

OH EM GEEZ! I didn't make a blog post yesterday

Its all the weasels fault.

I'm going to ignore the fact I was supposed to release a special preview of my promo. I'll upload it when my friend gets me the videos.

While some people have the money (or in some cases not enough time), others see something broken and go: "Hey! I could fix that!" In this technology-filled generation the words "Youtube" and "Google" can mean endless possibilities to solving problems such as how to change struts on a car or how to make an egg fit inside a milk jug.
Don't Ask

In this situation it is an Xbox 360 Elite filled with--- stuff. It won't load games for unknown reasons to the previous owner. Lots of videos, interruptions, and taco villa food later we arrive with this. The journey has begun.

Well, it still does not read games. I'm also not sure how much further he will take this project. But anyway, hope it made more sense than Inception did.

Dumb Uhh... Youth

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