Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You know those skullcandys you bought?

(I hope I never have to recommend people to use these again)
But anyway, take them out and plug them in.

You don't have them plugged in. I know you don't. You're not going to? Fine! At least listen to this song while you're reading though.

If you have an attention disorder, well never mind I don't want to distract you. Just read as far as you can.

If you like flashing pictures start clicking the dinosaurs.

Are you still here? *whistles*
Oh hey! didn't see you there still reading.

Does anyone else not look forward to long road drives? Not because of where you're going or what you're going to do(or did), but rather because while your in the car you happen to think and ponder on a lot. Why would any human want to think so much? You are now welcomed back to reality. Everything that happened during your trip won't amount to anything more then real-time pleasure or a few stories. But you still come back to your home, your friends are still there. Everything is the way it was before the trip. As if it was just a dream you could say. Maybe writing this post while in the car and seeing nothing but waist high trees and semi dead grass is depressing. Pretty good song though am I right?

Peace In Yo

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