Tuesday, August 10, 2010


oh yeah, I just remembered I started writing a blog. Along with also realizing that typing on an ipod touch with proper grammar is pretty dang difficult yo.

As we are working on tricks I'll just leave you with a video of me and danny on the local news. I think they were talking about how there is a lot of bikers go ruin the park? I don't notice it, but apparently beal has a problem. My problem however is little kids. You know those little kids with 20 silly bandz who stand right in the middle section of the best transistion there. Parents for some reason bring Cadillac Escalades full of these children. All of them are riding walmart bikes, walmart rollerblades, and walmart skateboards. These kids wouldn't necessarily annoy me if they actually looked around when they're skating. Today for instance, a friend was riding a bike carving the corners and looking out for people, when all of the sudden this 8 year old kid has the guts to drop down an 8 foot ramp right into the bmx bike as he carves. On top of that, the kid slammed so hard into the wheel he bent it. His mother would not even buy the bmx rider a new wheel insisting that it was his own fault her kid slammed into his bike. /end rant

what really annoys you at the skatepark DUY readers?

p.s. nobody got their ice cream from tootie :(

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