Monday, August 9, 2010

Eric: Boy I MEAN MAN! Hero... hope of all mankind even?

so for the last 3 days eric and I have gone skating, bringing cameras, decks, and drinking a whole lotta water and monster (I think the people at stripes know us by our names now)

We didn't get much recording because we were both consumed with learning new tricks, messing around on the 8 foot, and playing SKATE with random people on bikes. Well, okay maybe that was just me and I didn't pay that much attention to what he was doing.

But this is the footage that I did get of Eric showing his street skills and I hope you enjoy it :D

We will update the footage later with better things and stuff that Eric actually approves of me putting up :x

until next time! (wait is that a sentence or am I supposed to say something afterwards) ?_?

Dumb Uhh... Youth :D

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