Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gentleman! BEHOLD!!!

okay, I promise I wont steal Dr.Weirds' line from Aqua Teen Hunger Force anymore for a few days.

About 3 months ago, my friend Javi introduced me to these chips called "Takis". I couldn't find them at bigger chain stores such as Walmart, Albertsons, and Giant Eagle. Rather I found them at local spanish-owned corner stores and once at a flea market in Pennsylvania. To explain the taste: its just full of win. Think of the chips you receive at "On The Border" but about twice as thick and rolled around in the flavor of your choice with a mild yet spicey after effect. My favorite flavors are Guacamole and Crunchy Fajita. On top of them tasting awesome, they also have less calories and fat than most chips such as Cheetos and Fritos.

The perfect drink combination to go with Takis? Monster Energy MIXXD! 70% monster, 30% apple and grape juice. And nobody hates apple or grape juice right? right? okay fine don't agree with me just to be opposite of everyone else... but you know you're secretly on the bandwagon for juiceboxes .__."

Now it's you're time to comment below and tell DUY your favorite snacks! Whether it be a popular mainstream snack or something few people know about. We would like to enjoy the junk-y (or healthy) goodness as well :D

or we can just be a sadpanda that you don't share :[

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