Saturday, August 7, 2010

So I heard you have cookies.

Well, if you do I would kindly ask you for one. But because I'm not right next to you I can't :( Woo hoo I think I broke the ice for my first blog post?!

My name is Andrew and I find typing in proper English to be a challenge. I mean, it's the internet... people take you seriously on this thing? Well, regardless if you do or don't Welcome to my blog ^_^ Dumb Uhh... Youth

My friends and I skateboard a fair amount, as well as play other sports and random things people would consider being "MTV" worthy. (Thats how far MTV has gone down hill the last few years) We are now recording our ideas with camera phones, an iphone, and a Sony Cybershot camera when we have AA batteries.

The first video I made was to send out to new clothing brands looking to get word out.

Future videos will have friends including Cranfill, Eric, Marissa, Rachel, Re-ohhHhhHHh, Tootie, Vincet, and whoever else happens to come along to skate with us :D

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