Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated

Guess what? (I bet you said what! hah! Do I win?)

I broke my uhh.. Fibuah? fibla? one sec I need to ask my Mom.
I cracked my Fibula near my ankle on my right leg. The doctor says I can't put any pressure on it for about 8 weeks. It will probably be longer before I can skateboard and start doing more then just carving again. Drops and stair sets actually scare me when I think about me doing it again. I can't believe I'm admitting that to myself. Breaking a bone doesn't bother me. The pain is fine without pills or medication. But yet, not knowing how strong my bone will be when I land with impact and that I could possibly displace it this time worries the hell out of me. It brings up in my mind that less then 6 weeks before this I broke my toe, and that this can happen again. I know the jumps I did before were already rough on a Fibula that wasn't broken. Something tells me that I should accept my limitations, but I feel as if I will be disappointed in myself come the future. I must continue on.

If I have to sit here for 8 weeks doing nothing but surfing the internet, I am going to only talk about Buffalo 3 weeks in. I am on a journey to perfect such things I would never attempt to do otherwise.

#1 Release an EP under "Dumb Uhh... Records" Experimental.Noise Label
#2 Learn to "Extreme Wheelchair" at the skate park and be awesome.
#3 Become a Pokemon Master

I'll update you next week with how these things are coming along.

For those who still don't understand; "Those Kids" will not be released 11-9-10 and a new release date is unknown. Look for it during Spring 2011.

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